75 old radio loktal tubes lot RCA/CBS/SYLVANIA/PHILCO!

is a nice lot of old loktal tubes for you! These out of the old gentleman's radio items I have been selling for him. I cannot nor will I guarantee these are working units. All I have to go on is his word that these are good tubes. He did this as a hobby and did not keep things around because he liked the way they looked. If it didn't test right he pitched it. So that being said. Some of these do not even have heat marks on them. T are 75 of these tubes and some are nos. The 5 boxes in the pic have tubes in them too. Please have a look and ask a question!! Thanks, Scott

Please read carefully before bidding!!!


Everything that is sold will be sold as is!! I will not send an item with any malfunctions that I do not tell you about!! If it is a specialty item that you know may have a hidden problem, Please ask and I will tell you!!!! I will be honest!!!!!

Please look close at the pictures to get an idea of the condition. Plus always ask questions I do not want anyone to think I am trying to fool them!! I have tried to get pics of the good points AND the bad points. I will always be honest with you and work with you through the process. I will accept bidders new to ebay, but if you run into any problems PLEASE EMAIL ME! I will help you in any way I can. Also the use of ebay email will
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