75 Pcs Vintage Modern Estate Costume Jewelry FREE US Ship #2

I have lots and lots of wonderful vintage modern costume jewelry. Please check my site for all these lots. Included in each lot are earrings (count as 1), bracelets, rings, pins brooches, chains, pendants and a few misc. items as fancy belts, hair ornaments, etc. (not in each lot).What you see in my photos is what you will receive (the display stands are not included).All jewelry is wearable, saleable or collectible. I checked each piece for damage and found none, but I could have missed something small. Most of the pieces have been worn and could use a cleaning. Some of the makers I see (not in each lot but in ALL the lots): Monet, 1928, Napier, Trifari, Made in Germany, Tara, Cliffcraft, Hong Kong, Coro, LC, Chicos, Japan, Lisner, Talbots, AK, HH, Limoges Italy, RMN, BSK, Claires, Avon, SP, Park Lane, AJMC, Made in Italy, MM, Casual Coprner, Kramer, Lisner, John Wind, Karu Arke, Inc., Lauren Adams, Star.Shipping is FREE is US.