750 CLUB CHICAGO, IL. Illegal Gambling Chip. Owned by "the outfit" 1939 Mafia

Own a piece of History. Any questions please ask (email) before you buy.
All chips lay flat and in very good used condition, I have been able to stand each chip on edge. Easy to read hot stamp.
The color of the chip is a YELLOW/MUSTARD with a silver hot stamp, my scanner makes it look more orange . For a chip that is 72 years old it looks really sweet. It is a harp mold, the mold is what is around the outer edge. Harp mold chips are typically Illegal chips. The chip of course is made of clay. The term Illegal is because they came from clubs,casinos,resorts, etc, that had illegal gambling back in the days.
This chip is from 750 North Rush Street Chicago, IL. just as you see on the manufacturers record. Nothing went on there without "the outfit" either approving or owning the action. There was a night club with a room in the back where the chips were more than likely used. The name as you can see from the manufacturer's record was "The 750 Club".
This is a very nice addition for your Illegal chip collection as well as a person who collects Mafia/Mobster memorabilia.
Just a little fact I was reading the other day: After Capone was sent to Sing Sing Frank Nitti was said to take over but historians say that Paul Ricca had the absolute power. I was trying to find someone with the initials of CR but no luck
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