752-753-754 Lionel Union Pacific rubber stamp set of 5

752-753-754 Lionel Union Pacific rubber stamp set of 5

5 piece set

new rubber stamps

you get 5

1 752E number stamp comes 752E if you want 752W please let me know

1 753 number stamp

1 754 number stamp

1 Lionel Lines

1 Union Pacific

Stamp Ink Instructions

Step 1 . Place a small amount of ink on a smooth surface (glass works great). Use a razor blade to make a thin even layer of ink. Professionals use a brayer (roller)

Tip: letting the ink dry a little to make it tacky makes it easier to get the ink on the stamp

Step 2 . Press or roll the stamp in the ink.

Make sure all numbers/letters are covered with ink

Tip: Try practicing on a piece of paper until you get the hang of it.

Step 3. Apply the stamp to your engine. We sell water base ink, so if you are not happy with the way it looks carefully wipe the ink away with a damp cloth and try again.

Step 4 . Let the letters dry for a few days before handling.

Make sure to clean your stamp; it can be used over and over again.


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