75th Anniversary RAF Signed First Day Cover/Stamp Collection

75 th Anniversary of the RAF First Day Cover/Stamp Collection
Mint Condition
Westminster Limited Edition Aviation Heritage Collection
Flight Lieutenant John Peters Signed First Day Cover
Cover No. 5844
Flight Lieutenant John Peters Flew Combat Sorties over Bahrain in the Gulf War from November 1990 where he was Shot Down on 17 January 1991 being held a Prisoner of War 47 Days
Cover Photos: Tornado GR 1Flight Lieutenant John peters
Stamp: 57 Pence Panavia Tornado F 3 Postmarked Royal Air Force Jersey 1st April 1993
Ascension Island Stamps : 70p Vickers Wellington 30p Avro Anson 25p Supermarine Southampton 25p Westland Lysander 25p Gloster Meteor 25p De Havilland Comet 25p British Aerospace Nimrod 20p Sopwith Snipe
Barbados Stamps : $3 Hawker Hurricane 70c Hawker Typhoon 30c Handley Page Victor 10c Hawker Hunter
Falkland Island Stamps :36p Hawker Siddeley Andover 36p Panavia Tornado F 336p McDonnell Douglas Phantom 36p Westland Wessex 15p Lockheed Tristar 15p Lockheed Hercules 15p Boeing Vertol Chinook 15p Avro Vulcan
This is a fantastic commemorative stamp-aviation collection
Please Note : This is the complete collection issued in 1993 . Items have not been separated to be sold separately, which devalues the collection Sellers on this site and others are offering
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