760 Highway Flasher with Box

AUCTION is for a 760 Highway Flasher . I would rate this in excellent condition. I also have a 696 track trip I am including with it. Please see pictures for more details.
Thanks for looking!
Greenberg's 2011 guide price: Good/Excellent: $9-$37
Full insurance is included in shipping price. I will always combine items to try to save on shipping.
PLEASE READ: If you would like more pictures please let me know. Please note: I am not a train expert in the least and it is up to the buyer to ask questions or for more pictures to make sure all pieces are accounted for, because I would not know and I am certainly not trying to misrepresent any of my items. Please ask me questions even if they seem elemental, I will not take returns, sorry but please ask so you know how to bid. I will do my best to answer or figure out the information you need. If you decide not to ask questions and bid or bid at the last minute without asking for more pictures or information you are doing so at your own risk. If you do not ask questions you agree that you are willing to accept the train as is. I try to post as much information as I know and include what other buyers see as a potential issue, but that does not mean I got it all. Thank you so much for reading this and accepting the terms of bidding on my items.
My father had collected
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