#793 SOG RC1001-CP Reactor Multi-Tool Pliers Knife 10 Tools Pocket Clip

This is a Cool SOG RC1001-CP Reactor Multi-tool that has pliers, a knife and a bottle opener among other uses. It's a very useful tool to have. It has a number of different blades (listed below) so it's very handy to have in your pocket or purse.

This SOG Reactor is in excellent condition and appears to have been carried or used very little. Please make your own assessment from the pictures.

Housing a total of 10 components including a hardcased black coated stainless steel assisted blade and powerful Compound Leverage geared pliers, the Reactor proves to be a great folding knife and multi-tool. It retains the easy opening characteristic like those found in other assisted folding knives. Flipping the handles reveal a set of Compound Leverage powered pliers. The versatility of Reactor's ease of use and tool make it a capable and effective tool. The Reactor serves many purposes where a blade is needed first, but pliers, a bottle opener or screwdrivers still come in handy.

The Reactor's shape fits firmly and securely in a hand. Tucking the blade back in and flipping the handle reveals the patented Compound Leverage pliers. The SOG-exclusive gearing doubles the grasping force of the jaws for more powerful grip and to reduce stripped hardware. The assisted blade and Compound Leverage pliers with the other essentials
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