7up Seven Up Bottle Opener Vintage NOS 50s Old Logo

7up Seven Up Bottle Opener Vintage NOS 50s Old Logo
is a vintage 7-Up Bottle opener. It features the old style 7up logo and the motto You Like It, It Likes You. This is an original, old stationary bottle opener manufactured by the Brown Mfg. Co of Newport News, Inc and known as the STARR X brand. THE opener is made of cast iron with great silver and red paing. Reads STARR X and Brown Co.
Also includes the correct heavy mounting screws.
Since the box has no zip code, I would date this to the 1950s. Excellent, never used condition.
is some history of the 7up Company.
__Charles Leiper Grigg was born in 1868 in Price's Branch, Missouri. As an adult, Grigg moved to St. Louis and started working in advertising and sales, w he was introduced to the carbonated beverage business.
__By 1919, Charles Leiper Grigg was working for a manufacturing company owned by Vess Jones. It was t that Grigg invented and marketed his first soft drink called "Whistle".
__After a dispute with management, Charles Leiper Grigg quit his job (giving away "Whistle") and started working for the Warner Jenkinson Company, developing flavoring agents for soft drinks. Grigg invented then his second soft drink called called "Howdy". When he eventually moved on from Warner Jenkinson Co., he took his soft drink "Howdy" with him.
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