8" Paper Mache Boot, Santa, bottle brush tree, doll

8" Paper Mache German Boot & Santa

Paper Mache Candy Container Boot 13" Tall overall.

With a Bisque Head German Girl

With molded hair & cloth body

This is a good size Boot & Santa

Santa, child and batten Santa by this artist.

Santa is dressed in vintage red flannel and

his fur collar is rabbit fur

which also is the trim on his hood.

Santa also has a vintage bottle brush tree tucked in his right arm

Rebecca, the little girl has a small rabbit all her own.

She has a vintage bisque German head.

She is a broken head and I have made

The doll and dressed her in old cotton and batten.

Santa and Rebecca are both half dolls.

I have molded Santa head (5 of them) all around the top of the boot

and painted them, and taken old chenille and swaged it.

The boot is in absolutely great condition, no repairs.

I have found, when you leave them able to be pulled out,

(not glued in) they ship better

Save this auction site so you can place them this way,

or place them as it pleases you.


A rabbit pulling a cart, with a bear, cat and another rabbit

riding. Come see very soon

almost done.

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