RARE 1/8 POCHER working ENGINE MOTOR Model Kits ALFA ROMEO K-73 K-71 MONZA Parts

And no, the motor does not actually run, it just "looks" like it could.
For your consideration: This is a rare and hard to find POCHER model ca r engine!
These 1/8 Scale MUSEUM QUALITY POCHER Model Car Kits are long out of production.
This is an engine for a Pocher 1/8 scale model car. The crankshaft rotates and the rods and pistons move up and down. The model is held together with metal screws or press fit so almost all the parts can be disassembled and put back together, or made to use in a custom project. (Please see photos)
This motor operates fairly soothly and quite easily. That is rare to find in a Pocher motor that is out of the model car.
These spare parts fit the: K-73 1932 Alfa Romeo Spider Gran Touring Sport,
and it also fits the K-71 1931 Alfa Romeo Monza racing car. ( By using a different exhaust manifold)
Here just some of the features of the motor:

* Crankshaft that turns also it has main and rod bearings.

* Pistons move up and down the cylinder bore

* Rods and wrist pins move up and down bore

* It has real metal valve springs .

* Most of the realistic plumbing is metal or rubber

* It has real nuts and bolts, real metal rods and levers

* The brake, clutch and gas pedals move up and down
I don't know if all the parts are there
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