2.8" Refractor Astrophotography Bundle- 70mm EQ1 Refractor, Camera, Accessories

Schieber Telescopes offers a low-priced 70 mm (2.8") Refractor Astrophotography Bundle that includes a high-quality 70 mm refractor telescope with a long 900 mm focal length and EQ1 mount, a 1.3 MP digital eyepiece camera and a kit of accessories.

The 1.3 MP camera can be replaced with a 3.0 MP or 5.0 MP camera for an additional $35 or $70, respectively. Also, a Right Ascension Motor Drive is available for an additional $35. A single axis motor drive is very valuable for astrophotography because it allows the telescope to keep celestial objects in view as they move across the sky without having to make manual adjustments Just let me know if you want an upgraded camera and/or motor drive when ordering and I'll send you a Paypal invoice for the additional money.

In the main photo, I show an image captured by the digital camera and displayed on an 8" tablet PC. The tablet is attached to the telescope with a tablet holder/mount. I don't sell the tablet or holder but they are readily available "off-the-shelf" items. I found that using my tablet is a great way to view real-time images from the telescope without straining my eyes looking in the eyepiece for a prolonged period. I am happy to help customers set up their tablet (with Windows OS) to display and save images captured from the telescope.

Levenhuk Skyline 70
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