8 Vintage Cookie Cutters-Green/Red Handles

Instant Cookie Cutter Collection! Seven (7) aluminum cutters in all including 3 faceted green handled cutters in the shape of a Diamond (3 1/2"), Spade (2 1/2"), Club (2 3/4"); 2 with teardrop shape green handles - Moon (3 1/8"), Bell (2 3/4"); a Star (2 3/4") with a different shaped green handle; a red teardrop shape handled Flower (2 1/2") and a natural wood handled round Biscuit Cutter (2 3/4"). Most are in like new condition with some wear to the paint on the Star and a small (3/4") crack in the biscuit cutter handle, but it's still tight. These would look charming hanging on a board in your kitchen, or tied to your Christmas Tree or can be useful items!