80 Pin Gold Scrap Recovery AMP Gold Pin 147g 5.18 Oz

We sell: 5.18 Oz, 147 gram of G old Plated AMP AWG Pin bulet, Connectors

Contains: ~ 80 Gold Plated AMP pins

High Quality G old P lated Pins, Exstra for Gold Recovery, The Gold is Exsposed and Very Easy to Remove the G old , Fine G old High Carat


We give buyer 5% BONUS - If you buy 10 LB gold recovery, from "buy it now" ads you will get an extra 5% bonus in matirial. ( You can purches difrent scraps items and colect 10 LB or more).

You get: 5.18 Oz Gold Recovery Scraps 147 gram, Gold Plated AMP Pins Connectors exactly like you see in the picture.

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We will gladly do combined shipping.

We make combined shipping up to 2 kg (1LB+1LB+1LB+1LB), and give discount the best we can.

Our 4 LB ads allready include combined shipping discount.

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1. you can choose standart shipping by AIR, up to 2-3 weeks shipping.

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