(800) bulk/older (1987-1992) RYNE SANDBERG Large Lot!

This lot is a full (800) count box of the player in listed... cards primarily from 1987-1992. All the cards in this lot are of that player. This is a "bulk" lot meaning you could receive up to 100 of the same card but at times these could have more of a mix. We fill an 800 count box which typically from these years is a solid 800 cards, sometimes more with the issues like Upper Deck and Donruss that aren't as thick, you may sometimes receive more than 800 cards. Cards are NrMt to MT. SHIPPING is only $8 on the lot, $3 for each additional (Costs much more to ship but we cover that cost). Many other player lots available- sometimes we have multiple of the same lot. We constantly building more lots so pictures aren't available on specific lots but we keep em' coming. We typically carry anywhere from 400,000 to 800,000 star cards in inventory at any given time. Thanks! Mark 04.13.019