800 Silver Ladle, Austria-Hungary. Budapest, BU

An 800 silver ladle dating to the pre-World War One period, made in Budapest. The maker's mark is [BU] and I have been unable to identify the name of the maker. The piece is well marked with the head of Diana facing right with a "3" in the lower left hand corner [indicating 800 silver] and a "P" in the lower right hand corner, indicataing that the piece was assayed at Budapest. The ladle weighs Four & One-Quarter [ 4.25 ] regular ounces. Or, 120.485 grams. When converted to troy oucnes, the piece contains just under Four [ 4.00 ] troy ounces. Adusted for the silver content [ 800/1000 ] the piece contains just under Three & One-Quarter[ 3.25 ] Troy Ounces of pure silver.

The ladle is Nine & One-Quarter [ 9.25 ] inches in length. Or. 23.50 Cms.

For international bidders, the package should not exceed four pounds; so, it will qualify for shipping by First Class Mail International. This can ressult in substantial savings on shipping. However, insurance is not available when shipping is by First Class Mail International.