81 MM Mortar fuse "PD M524A6" Inert with instruction tag

For HE & WP shells. Mfg in the 1970's.

Very good condition

Length: 6.01 in (153 mm).

Weight: 1.27 lb (0.58 kg).

With instruction tag attached-------these original tags are in poor shape however I will enclose a good quality photocopy on photo paper

M524-series PD Fuzes

Has two function settings: Superquick/impact (SQ/IMP) and delay.

When set at delay, the fuze train causes a 0.05-second delay before functioning.

When set at SQ, the fuze functions on point impact or graze contact.

The fuze contains a delayed arming feature that ensures the fuze remains unarmed and detonator safe for a minimum of 1.25 seconds of flight.

It arms within a maximum of 2.50 seconds. The safety pull wire is removed just before inserting the cartridge into the mortar.