81 Vintage Star Wars Figures Lot

Up for bids is a nice set of 81 Vintage Star Wars figures, including all of the first 21 original figures.

These figures average Good/Very Good to Very Good played-with condition (see C-Scale Equivalence table below), showing light/moderate paint and/or playwear. Exceptions are as follows:

R2-D2 is in Fair condition, showing moderate/heavy fading to sticker and moderate wear to dome.

Some figures are complete, while others are missing weapons and/or accessories. Weapons and accessories are 100% original and in good condition with the following exceptions:

Klaatu's skirt fur is disintegrating. Darth Vader cape shows very small tears starting on both arm holes. Obi Wan's lightsaber's plastic coating is pealing. Luke Farmboy's lightsaber is missing the tip. Leia Organa's cape shows micro-tears on both armholes. Sandpeople's cape has a very slight tear on the left armhole. Hoth Stormtrooper skirt has a very small tear on one side. Luke Jedi cape's collar is torn

All figures have been gently cleaned to remove any dust and/or residue.

I've attempted to describe this lot as accurately as possible. Please I've also phographed the backs of the figures, so please contact me if you would like them e-mailed to you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Thanks for looking!
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