8141 Bermuda An Island Paradise 1930 tourist bklt Irish poet Thomas Moore house

8141 Bermuda An Island Paradise c 1930 tourist bklt Irish poet Thomas Moore house
Booklet: Excellent condition.
Poor: Original mailing envelope is postally used w/ multiple bends & tears. King George Silver Jubilee Bermuda 1 1/2 d.cancelled stamp is excellent condition.
22 Pgs. + covers. Ribbon bound. 2 pgs of information relating to Bermuda, Great Britain’s oldest colony. Map of Bermuda on back outside cover.
- Images of Bermuda coins with American money values
- Crystal Cave interior view color photo image
- Front Street, Hamilton, color photo image
- Tucker House, color photo image
- St. Georges town, color photo image
- Thomas Moore house, Irish poet color photo image
- Parliament, Custom House, & Cenotaph color photo image
Mailing envelope addressee: Estler Davidson, 5 Murray St., Barre, VT.
1 1/2 d. King George 1910 - 1935 Silver Jubilee stamp.
Printer signature: None
Note: Scans tend to exaggerate & darken flaws beyond what is actually there.
Pieces are original to Period. No reproductions are sold in my store.
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