823 First Day of Issues, 1970's U.S. (estate of dealer)

823 First Day of Issues, all from the 70's. These cards are in great shape and are blank on the other side. No addresses. They came out of the estate of a stamp dealer who stored them properly. is the breakdown:

190 Weather Services 1870-1970, United States Postage 5 cents, Fort Myer VA, Sept. 1, 1970

140 Samuel Adams, Patriot, U.S. Postage 8 cents, Boston, MA. Dec. 16, 1973

142 John Witherspoon, Patriot, U.S. Postage 9 cents, Princeton, N.J. Nov. 10, 1975

120 Charles Thomson, Patriot, U.S. Postage 7 cents, Bryn Mawr, PA. Sep. 14, 1975

125 Caesar Rodney, Patriot, U.S. Postage 9 cents, Dover, DE. Jul. 1, 1976

106 Nathan Hale, Patriot, U.S. Postage 9 cents, Coventry, CT. Oct. 14, 1977

If you purchase more than one lot from me before I make my next trip to the post office, I will combine lots for shipment. If you don't live in the U.S., please wait for an exact shipping price before making your payment.