2/83N , Novo Duplex , Faber-Castell slide rule ! mint !

Faber Castell 2/83N slide rule - "New in Box"
The slide rule is "brand new", it has never been used and its in excellent condition. It is a very complex slide rule, one of the biggest ever manufactured.
The 15 inch long slide rule is delivered with:
-original German language manual (English manuals are not longer available !! )
-green case with transparent lid
-accessory plastic ruler with formulas
The slide rule has: 30 scales and 11 cursor lines:
Front-scales: T1, T2, K, A, DF, [ CF, B, CIF, CI, C, ] D, DI, S, ST, P
Back-scales: LL03, LL02, LL01, LL00, W2 [ W2', CI, L, C, W1', ] W1, LL0, LL1, LL2, LL3
The W1/W2 scales allow the accuracy of a 20-inch-slide-rule !!
Fore more details see the photos and: "Scientific American" issue May 2006
"Rise and Fall of the Slide Rule-When Slide Rules Ruled" .
The 2/83N is described t as one of the "finest and most beautiful
slide rule ever made:"
What do "New in Box" and "brand-new" mean ? The slide rule offered was manufactured approximately 30 years ago. At this time, computer age was beginning and the slide rules were quite unsalable. From this moment on, it has been stored for 30 years without being touched ! And now- it is waiting for you, an interested collector or an enthusiast !
I will ship worldwide!
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