GEMSTONE : Natural Opal

TYPE : Rough

ORIGIN : Welo Delanta Province, Ethiopia

WEIGHT : 8.85ct

APPROX. SIZE : 18 x 18 x 9.5mm


COLORS : Red, Gold, Green, Blue, Purple

DESCRIPTION : This is a piece of all natural Ethiopian Welo rough opal with no oiling, smoking or other enhancements.

This piece of opal has superb very brilliant multi-colored fire in a light blue clear crystal base. The fire is in a mixed broadflash/flame pattern when viewed from different perspectives, and the fire is somewhat directional depending on the position of the stone. A very clean piece with no fractures or inclusions and would be great for either faceting or cabbing rough.

The photo ruler is in millimeters and inches

Welo Opal Cutting Tips :

Most of the opal from Welo is hydrophane opal. Hydrophane is a type of opal that absorbs water rapidly losing some or all of its color as the water is absorbed. After the stone is cut it is left to air dry. The full color and brilliance will return in a few days to a week depending on how large the stone is. Do not use heat to speed this process or it will crack. This type of opal also seems to be more heat and pressure sensitive, so you need to go slower when cutting. When dopping I never use dop wax anymore. I use wood dowels with
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