5.8G Video AV Audio Video Transmitter Receiver Sender Wireless FPV 2.0Km Range

5.8G Video AV Audio Video Transmitter Receiver Sender FPV 2.0Km Range

Transmitter -TS351 aerial wireless transmitter is working in 5645-5945MHz ISM band of the FM audio and video transmitter module. Single-chip module design, the chip integrates VCO, PLL, broadband FM video modulation, FM audio modulation, low power consumption, small size, the module; module to patch package, takes a very small machine space.The application of this module is simple simply connected power supply, audio cable, video cable, connect the antenna can launch voice, image signal.

Specification for Transimtter- TS351 - 5.8G broadband audio and video synchronization FM transmitter - Small size SMD package: 55 × 26 × 17 mm - Low power consumption: 12V 150mA - High Output Power: 23dBm (typical) - Built-in high-frequency PLL stability - Low harmonic radiation - Direct input analog audio and video signals - 8-channel transmitter - Light weight: 30 grams with antenna Specification for Receiver -RC305 - Receive Frequency: 5725-5865MHz; 8 channels - Receiver sensitivity:-90dBm - Frequency Control: Built-in PLL - Dual AV output: output analog audio and video signals directly - Antenna interface: SMA (the pin) - Supply voltage: 6.5-15V - Supply Current: 150mA - Dimension: 61 * 52 * 13mm; aluminum alloy Working frequency: - CH1:5705 CH2:5685 - CH3:5665 CH4:
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