8mm Home Movies Lot of 7 - 3in Reels, Kew Garden Apts NYC, Kiddie City 1950s/60s

1950s/60s 8mm Home Movies Lot of 7 - 3in Reels, Kew Garden Apts NYC, Kiddie City. These 7 reels belonged to a greater NYC family. I've outlined highlights. They are a nice look back when you didn't need much to have fun! All but one reel contains footage of their freckle faced daughter at various ages playing, having breakfast, goofing around.
Got Kittens? About 1/2 of one roll are 3 kittens nicely filmed playing with yarn. There's an adult party at a local hall. Lots of mugging for the camera, drinking, some dancing. Gotta' love those poofy dresses.
At the end of another reel their daughter probably 10 years old has a sip of Mommy's beer.
You'll see them burning leaves outside (this is in the shadows but you can see it, and it's in the front yard!). They also move a couch out of a 2nd floor window with ropes.
Overall this is good quality film. One scene is shaky (Not from the person filming. You can see the film was jumping in the camera) & there's 30 seconds to a minute's worth of undeveloped film on another reel.
The two surprises are, Kew Garden Hills (google it), where they moved to. You'll see street scenes of the old neighborhood & Kiddie City (search it).
Kiddie City is an amusement park still in existence. There are quick shots of several rides, the merry go round, ferris wheel, roller
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