8oz Walking Liberty 2000 Pure .999 Fine SILVER Coin

Half Pound (8oz) Walking Liberty Dollar
You are bidding on a huge Silver Proof Dollar of pure Silver....total weight is 8oz!
This coin was made by National Collector's Mint as a proof using the American 16 troy ounce pound. It is actually 8 troy ounces. It measures 3 1/2 inches across and 3/16 inch thick. On the Obverse is the high relief depiction of the Walking Liberty with the sunrise and the words "Liberty, In God We Trust, 2000". On the Reverse is the American Eagle and the words "United States of American, 1/2 Pound .999 Fine Silver".
This coin comes in the original display box......the plastic case is cracked at one end (must have been dropped) but the coin has not been removed from the plastic casing. Note that the edge that is exposed to air has slight toning but there are no scratches, dings or any visible damage to the coin. It's bright and has great luster. Silver is a great investment and t his coin will make a great addition to your portfolio!
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