8x 10 signed Hawaii Five-0 Cast (5 signatures)

Authentic original (not a reprint or a photocopy) autograph by the cast of the CBS new hit, Hawaii Five-0: Alex O'Loughlan, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park.

This is a real photo, not a computer printed image.

Be aware that we will occasionally ask the actor to sign more than one photo at the time, and sometimes more than one copy of the same image -- our image for the auction listing might not change between two similar listings, so your autograph may have a variation to the one shown; we will also note if the pen/sharpie color has changed, or if there is a significant change in the location of the autograph on the item being auctions as it varies from the image of the item. This particular autograph matches the above image.

We provide a sticker on the back to denote the authenticity and provide information about the seller (website & phone number); we will not provide a separate 'certificate' that could be duplicated with our information and put with an 'autograph' someone else is making claims about.

This particular autograph was picked up in the greater Los Angeles area.

A Wrinkle In Time has been in business since 1992, and obtaining autographs since 1996. Many of ours are obtained from standing in line at the actors' appearances at science fiction or media conventions throughout

If you are unsure about the authenticity of an autograph, we recommend that you do not bid. There are organizations that "authenticate" autographs for a fee -- unfortunately, I personally know several actors who have sent THEIR OWN SIGNATURES in to test the process of various companies, and have been told THEIR PERSONAL AUTOGRAPH was fake. Therefore we do not subscribe to such a practice. Again, if you are unsure or uncomfortable with what you're viewing, don't bid. No company can actually PROVE a an autograph is authentic -- photos of an actor signing only prove one particular signature is real. Some actors have signed autographed trading cards for their role, so that is a possible source for comparison, but comparing a signature to other eBay listings IS NOT A RELIABLE resource. Also be aware that actors may change signatures as they become more popular, many going to just initialing a photo or card in order to accommodate a larger number of fans at any given event. And, of course, the nature of the autograph can change if the actor is sitting down, signing something on the street or coming through an airport (on a clipboard if your lucky -- on someone's back sometimes too), and they can also be dependent on just how many autographs they've already signed that day.

International buyers, we are a legitimate business, not a individual selling a personal item. We will not, therefore, mark this purchase as a gift when going through customs. Nor can we provide an estimate on what your customs charge may be. So far, however, I can say that we've never received any complaints about customs charges from our international customers.

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