8X10 Print, Vintage Negative Tony Sansone Nude Male Gay

READ EVERYTHING PLEASE. :) The print you are bidding on is numbered 1 of a recent,limited edition darkroom printing of 100 prints, directly from the original Edwin F. Townsend negative - see sample neg in scans. This auction is for ONE 8” X 10” borderless, matte PHOTO, not the negative. Of course your photo will NOT have the “LBMichael on Ebay” watermark. Each photo is provenance stamped on the verso. This negative is NOT a copy negative; it is the original, produced between 1929-1932, the early span in which Edwin F. Townsend photographed Tony Sansone. For more information go to: /wiki/Tony_Sansone

As far as I know this image has not been published or released. It is possible that this is the first time it has been made available to the public. If you know otherwise, please advise me.

SPECIAL NOTE: This is NOT a dark room print - some of my other Sansone images ARE dark room prints. As you view my other images associated with this listing, you will see the original, damaged negative. It is impossible to make a dark room print from this negative. So I have made high resolution scans from the original 8X10 negative, and I have painstakingly restored the image to what I believe would be original condition. From the restored digital file, I am able to make, high quality prints. I have compared these prints to vintage

The Tony Sansone Archive consists of the remaining photos and negatives that were in the Sansone’s Brooklyn apartment at the time of this death in 1987. I can only assume that upon Townsend’s death in 1948 that the negatives were then passed on to Tony. The collection consists of approximately 100 vintage prints and approximately 100 negatives in 8 X 10 format, most shot by Edwin Townsend. The collection is not comprehensive, and does not represent all of Townsend’s work with Tony, rather this is what Tony had in his possession at the time of his death minus some photos that were sold here on Ebay by the previous owner. Within the Sansone Archive, of the approximate 100 Townsend and Volpe negatives, unfortunately only 12 Townsend negatives have survived in good enough condition to create whole, high quality prints from. We may try to restore the least damaged negs, but the lab we have taken them to say that they see this type of “crinkling” in old 8X10 negatives, and there is nothing they can do about it. So, for now we only have 12 to work with, but I have not given up on restoring the others.

It seems as though Townsend numbered his Sansone negatives from 1-444 possibly higher. We do not know if this means that Townsend produced 444 images of Tony Sansone, but we do have many vintage prints and negatives that are sequentially numbered leading me to believe that this is the case. The lowest number we have seen is #5 (a negative) and the highest we have is 444 (a print), but that does not mean that there are not image numbers higher than #444. I believe the lower the number, the earlier the print. I can tell this because of the age of Tony in the earlier and lowered numbered negatives.

About Tony Sansone: Much of Tony Sansone's enduring fame in bodybuilding history was the result of his success as a model. Sansone began modeling when he was still a teenager. During the Depression, Sansone profited by selling pictures of himself through mail-order ads. He became a much sought-after model who posed for paintings, photographs, and sculpture. He was featured on many magazine covers, both American and European. He modeled for statues by James Earle Fraser ("Meriwether Lewis;" Fraser also design...
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