9" Nataraja Statue Natraj Nataraj Dancing Shiva Brass H

9" Nataraja Statue Natraj Nataraj Dancing Shiva Brass Hindu
Nataraja (also known as Natraj or Nataraj) is one of the names of the Hindu god, Shiva, the most revered god in the Hindu religion. The image of Nataraja is also known as "dancing Shiva". Nataraja is sometimes referred to as "the dancer of creation, lord of joy and sorrow." The dancing image captured in popular statues is meant to symbolize life's ebb and flow. It also reminds us of the balance between form and void, as well as the time before the divine created form from the void. The statues of Nataraja are framed by a circle representing cosmic energy. If you look closely at a status of this Hindu god, you will see that Nataraja stands upon a demon, which symbolizes triumph over spiritual ignorance. This 9" tall metal statue has a brass finish, and shows incredible detail. It is 7 inches wide, and only 2 inches deep, making it perfect for placing on tables or alters.

This Nataraja statue is brand new, never displayed, and makes a great present for friends and family.

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