9 TEXAS RANGERS Western Pulp Fiction MAGAZINES 1951-52

Lot of 9 Vintage 1951 & 1952 TEXAS RANGERS Pulp Fiction Magazines
Original price of 20¢ (except for December 1952 it was 25¢) ALL ARE COMPLETE and in NICE CONDITION with some normal pulp wear such as ragged edges on the covers & pages and/or creases or small tears on front & back covers. If you would like more details or photos on a particular piece, send an email and I will answer to the best of my ability.
TEXAS RANGERS April 1951. Complete novel by Jackson Cole, short stories by Lee Bond, Louis L'Amour, Sam Brant & Hal White, novelet by Henry Haldeman, features by Captain Starr, S. Omar Barker & Harold Preece. Zane Grey Walter J. Black Series ad on the back cover. (small piece torn off front cover)
TEXAS RANGERS December 1951. Jim Hatfield novel by "Tin-Star Target" by Jackson Cole, short stories by A. Leslie, Wayne D. Overholser, Noel Loomis & T.W. Ford, western fiction classics by Allan R. Bosworth & M. Wheeler-Nicholson.
TEXAS RANGERS January 1952. Complete Jim Hatfield novel "Dinero of Doom" by Jackson Cole, novelet by Clee Woods, short stories by Cliff V. Abrams, Caddo Cameron & Sam Brant, western classics by L.E.I. Day & Leslie Ernenwein, features by Captain Starr, Harold Helfer, Pecos Pete & S. Omar Barker. (pencil marks and tear on first page)
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