Rare US 90% Silver Coin Collector Group, One Ounce Lot

* Description PRE 1960 90% US SILVER COINAGE! This is one of the best and honest lots on ebay!

You are bidding one lot of one oz/ounce (Troy Ounce,thats 31.1 Grams) some lots on ebay are less grams,of pre 1960 US 90% silver coins. These coins are not cull coins, but excellent for collectors and investors a like. Your one troy ounce lot will contain a mixture of the following U.S. Coins- Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Barber Halves, Walking Liberty Halves,Older Franklin Halves,mostly older and better conditioned,Barber Quarters,Standing Liberty Quarters, Mercury Dimes, Barber Dimes! All Pre-1960 and all US 90% Silver! No Kennedy Halves,No Washington Quarters.No Roosevelt Dimes,No Culls (The coins in the picture are the ones you are getting) not a lot of common minted coins in it,just older ones.CHECK OUT MY STORE FOR AN ASSORTMENT OF US COINS,AND PLEASE CHECK MY FEEDBACK! Please read the fine print History at the end for more clarifaction and history.


The first auction costs $3.00 to ship. Each additional 90% auction after the first one won is free shipping,if you pay for all with one paypal payment each weekend. Your coins will be shipped USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation.So it is safe trackable shipping.It will be 1.00 more Shipping to go to Canada. Price includes handling and my shipping

Guarantee what's in each one troy ounce lot!

Each lot will be 1 Troy Ounce 31.1 grama of 90% U.S. Coin Silver. Eact lot will have at least one Barber Coin in it,some have more.That's a Half Dollar,Quarter or Dime. Barber Coins weigh a lot less than other coins because of the wear on the old coins. So you get more collector coins for the money this way.

History about this auction.These are part of my collection. I am retiring and selling off all my extra coins. Its just easier to sell them in bulk even though a lot of them are worth a lot more than 90% silver. These auctions should bring between 16.00 and 30.00 each. So please dont bid anymore or less than that. Because the lot only has 1 troy ounce or between 1.25 to 1.50 face value in coins in each lot.I am not trying to rip anyone off or sell my junk.The junk I will sell in other bulk auctions. I have over 100 ounces to sell like this. I will offer only 10 to 12 Ounces a week, Thursday through Saturday. You will pay only 3.00 shipping if you pay for all your auctions with only one paypal payment won each week. If the auctions dont do will I will suspend them. If I have trouble with buyers on this type of auction I will also suspend them. Its not worth my reputation because someone did not get a CC Silver Dollar.Some of these coins have been cleaned or may be a low grade but they are 90% silver. And may be a lower mintage coin.It seems it is impossibe to avoid cleaned coins these days.Dont expect a super lot of coins if you buy only one lot. The more lots you buy only insuers you will get a larger variety of coins. This group has a lot of Barbers in it. So I am guaranteing at least one Barber Coin in each lot. It also has a lot of Mercury Dimes in it. Most of these coins came out of sets etc. So it does have a lot of mixed dates of everything.I will try to put together the best lots I can. I hope you enjoy my auctions and you are helping a Oklahoma Teacher Retire. Thank you, eBay and the awesome collectors and bidders you provide for us to do business.If you buy much on ebay you know silver and gold keep going up in price vs the on paper price listed on the exchange.What you are seeing is paper and money is just that, paper.I would rather keep these coins because of the 20 trillion dollar debt our government is running up. You are going to make money on these coins in the very near future. Its going to happen and collectors in the know see it. Thanks,Frankster

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