900 Global BLACK EAGLE Bowling Ball 16lb $239 BRAND NEW IN BOX!!!

This is a brand new in the box 16lb. 1oz. with 2 3/4 top and a 4.5-5 " pin and the cg is 1" left of the pin/mb line Global 900 BLACK EAGLE bowling ball. The msrp. of this ball is $179.95. this ball is a x-out(2nd).- Coverstock: S57
- Color: Black
- Finish: 2,000 Abralon
- Core Type: Symmetric
- RG: 16#-2.471, 15#-2.486, 14#-2.511
- RG: Diff 16#-0.040, 15#-0.040, 14#-0.038
- Description: The Favorite excels on medium oil conditions and league wet-dries, engineered to read the mid-lane with a smooth predictable roll. The Favorite S57 coverstock is a lock to provide the power you need!