911 Coin Certificate 22 K Gold Leaf

911 Coin Certificate 22k Pure Gold Leaf


This Is A $ 20.00 Sept. 11th Gold Leaf Coin-Certificate Is A Liberian Government Legal Tender Issue
Struck In .999 Pure Gold Leaf Commemoration 7th Anniversary Of The World Trade Center Tragedy.
Serial Numbered And Comes With COA.

·Special September 11th commemorative $20.00 Gold leaf Certificate
·Government authorized non circulating Liberian legal tender
Individually numbered
·Payable like a gold certificate in coin of the realm
·Struck in 22k Pure Gold Leaf

The National Collector’s Mint makes history with the release of this Government Authorized Non-circulating Liberian legal tender September 11th commemorative.
This $20 Gold Leaf Coin Certificate is payable like a silver certificate in coin of the realm.

An historic first! This Coin-Certificate displays a standard $20 denomination on one side.
But on the other side, it’s the first time ever that two separate denominations have been used to add up to the full $20 face value it uses 9 and 11 to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive, private striking. This meaningful commemorative will never be released for circulation but it is now available
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