OK, this is the last night of listings from the huge collection of glass lantern slides originally from the library of the Indianapolis Public schools. There are lots of duplicates left, but I believe every image has been listed at least once, either in a group in an oak glass slide boxes, or individually. Shipping on these is expensive (though I believe they do qualify for the lower/slower media mail rate) so I will be happy to "start a pile" for anyone and combine shipping at the end of the month to save on costs. Unless otherwise noted the slides are all 3 1/4" x 4" and have no cracks.

This is BOX #92; re-purposed box labeled Minor Wars of the United States. There are 9 Indianapolis Public schools Visual Educational Department slides

IPS (no numbers on any of these so not possible to say what they are copies of): Gathering Tomatoes; Truck Load of Tomatoes; Watermelon; Threshing Wheat; Shocking Wheat; Silo; Picking Cherries; Spraying Orchard; Grading Apples (this one is cracked, lower left right above the man in the green shirt). These are all duplicates of a previous listing

The box itself is a full-sized box, slotted to hold 25 slides. Solid oak w/a carrying handle on top. rusty latch and handle