932-9790 Santa Fe El Capitan Budd 85' Hi-Level Diner #650-655

Walthers New Ho-Scale
Santa Fe El Capitan Streamlined Car Ready to Run w/Plated FinishBudd 85' Hi-Level Diner #650-655
Ready to Run Santa Fe El Capitan
The HI-LEVEL Train That's Fun for Everyone!
* Based on Cars used 1956-71
* Real Metal Finish
* Prototypically Accurate Window Tinting
* All Grab Irons Factory Installed
* Six All-new Cars Designed from Budd Plans
* Window Gasket Details as Appropriate
* Matching PROTO 2000(R) Santa Fe 37-Class F7 Locos Available Separately
Based on the 1956 consist with its unique Hi-Level cars, the HO Scale "El Capitan" is a great addition to any collection or Santa Fe layout - and these cars can be run with Walthers "Super Chief," just as the Santa Fe did after 1958!
Our "El Capitan" is complete with all the cars used on the prototype, including Baggage Car, Railway Post Office, Baggage-Dormitory "transition car" with rooftop shroud, Hi-Level 68-Seat Step-Down Coach, Hi-Level 72-Seat Coach, Hi-Level "Sky Lounge," Hi-Level Diner, and Hi-Level 68-Seat Step-Down Coach with Tail Sign to bring up the rear.
Each comes fully assembled with Walthers real metal "stainless steel" finish, factory-installed grab irons, prototypically tinted windows, correct trucks and much more.
Matching Santa Fe 37-Class EMD F7s - perfect for "El Capitan"
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