935 Japanese Samurai Sword: Masahide Naotane Horimono

Katana with horimono in shirasaya. This is a rather unusual "all star" package. According to the signatures, it is a joint work of Suishinshi Masahide and Taikei Naotane, and it has a sayagaki by Gassan Sadakatsu.

In old but fine polish, minor surface scratches. Guaranteed against fatal flaws such as hagire or shinae, otherwise sold as is.

Buyer pays $35 Express Mail shipping and handling. I can ship overseas but t will be some limitations, e.g., no shipping to the UK per eBay policy, and the cost varies depending on the destination. EMS to Europe, for example, will be about $60. Payment is due within 5 days. Insurance is available upon request. On overseas shipment, the amount of maximum insurance available varies depending on the destination.