95 TACOMA RANIER ALEX RODRIGUEZ team card 500hr $60

you are bidding on a beautiful and mint 1995 TACOMA RANIERS ALEX RODRIGUEZ TEAM CARD. BOOK VALUE $60. only 2000 of these sets were produced and AROD was the only card of value. many consider this to be the BEST LOOKING OF ALL ALEX RODRIGUEZ MINOR LEAGUE CARDS. the card's a real BEAUTY(see file scan). for 2005 AROD is BATTING .321 with 48 HOME RUNS and 130 RBI. with 47 HOME RUNS, AROD becomes the GREATEST RIGHT HANDED HOME RUN HITTER IN YANKEE HISTORY. think of all the great YANKEE HITTERS and AROD has hit more HOME RUNS than any other RIGHT HAND BATTER IN YANKEE HISTORY. AROD won the MVP for 2005 his SECOND MVP in THREE years!! AROD also hit his 400th CAREER HOME RUN in 2005 becoming the YOUNGEST PLAYER in BASEBALL HISTORY to hit 400 HOME RUNS. IMAGINE in a couple years when AROD is approaching hiw 600th HOME RUN. AROD had an "off year" batting .290 with 35 HOME RUNS and 121 RBI. most players would kill to have an "ON YEAR" like AROD'S OFF YEAR!! AROD is batting .300 with league leading 43 HOME RUNS and 123 RBI in 2007. ALEX HAS 509 CAREER HOME RUNS becoming the YOUNGEST PLAYER IN BASEBALL HISTORY TO HIT 500 HOME RUNS!! lucky winner pays $4.65 for INSURED SHIPPING. multiple winners may combine shipping to save. bidding starts at $0.99. Since this is a NO RESERVE AUCTION, the high bidder will own this BEAUTIFUL and VALUABLE AROD CARD ... read more