#9620 NHL Wales Conference Boxcar

These cars represent the final large group of items from the nearly 500 pieces I’ve listed over the past three months. I have had a wonderful time meeting fellow collectors and operators and, judging by the overwhelmingly fantastic feedback comments, I’ve offered excellent items at reasonable prices. To all of you, I say thanks. When this current auction ends, I will run any unsold items as relists, list any odds and ends that remain in the boxes including a 275 watt power unit, possibly dip into the 150+ pieces I kept back for myself, and possibly offer a few train sets I acquired in the large purchase I made last December. Just look me up under “K.Edward” to see what I have left. Once these are gone, unless I stumble on another amazing cache of Lionel trains, I’ll be going back to building my layout. It appears many of the cars, like those previously listed, were discounted (based upon various stickers on some of the boxes) but few were actually taken out of their respective boxes and displayed, placed on tracks, or run in a consist. This current group was opened for photos on 4-3-13. Though some boxes show shelf wear, none of the contents appears to have been touched. To my eye, the cars look to be new and in their original boxes. Still, I am listing them as Like New and not new or mint only because of the absoluteness of that ... read more