0.9669 Gram Alaska Natural Gold Nuggets / Flake -(#8750)- Hand-Picked Quality


0.9669 Gram Alaska Natural Raw Gold

This is a Hand-Picked Bright and Shiny Quality raw gold.

We print the shipping label from eBay at 12:00am and ship Monday to Friday mornings before 9:30am.

The picture is enlarged for detail. The gold is 30-50 sit on 30 mesh & sold by weight not by picture size.
If you are not sure about the size, please ask me before you add the bid.
We use an automatic eBay feedback system, after receiving your positive feedback,
the system will automatically follow up with the same to leave the positive feedback to you.

Natural gold nuggets never have a fixed karat value. Our Alaskan gold nuggets are all individually
different from 17-22k, mostly 20-22k and never comes with 24k. 24k Pure gold is Man-Made.
With such a large inventory of gold, we are unable to test each item's karat value.

All my gold is 100% real natural gold. This can be confirmed with the steps below:
You can buy "Gold Test Acid 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k with Testing Stone Kit" for under
$15.00 on eBay or Amazon to check the purity of the gold, if the gold is real or fake or gold plated.

Instructions to usesing the "Gold Test Acid Kit" to check gold purity on YouTube:

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