9796 Liberty Dairy Jan Wszalekk 1944 calendar Utica NY Statue of Liberty US Navy

9796 Liberty Dairy Jan Wszalekk 1944 calendar Utica, NY Statue of Liberty US Navy
Excellent condition. Very sharp & immaculate clean. Very, very bright colors. 12 month calendar pad is complete.
This piece is quite spectacular in its imagery and super-patriotism message conveyed by the airplanes, the ships, the waving United States flag, and the Statue of Liberty standing stalwart for all. The embossing helps accentuate everything.
With World War 2 in high gear, this country's people were constantly given propaganda to keep their spirits in high gear. This is a very powerful example of image propaganda, no words being used.
The local seller advertising on this calendar:
Jan Wszalekk
Liberty Dairy
806 Nichol St.
Utica, NY
Printer or Publisher signature: Copyright F. Sondey
IF item has original fold-lines, when shipped it will be refolded at no harm to the piece.
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