99 mtg card sleeved repacks NO DUPLICATES! LESS THAN 1% COMMON CARDS

Hello Ebayers Bought these Magic cards at the flea market, the gentleman was closing up shop for good. Made an offer, and he sold. What to expect is listed below. Money Back if you don't like your won/bought item. I'm pretty new to ebay but i'm honest at everything i do, so before you decide to give any negative feedback, please communicate first to make proper arrangements for a Full Refund .
You Will Receive: 99 card Repacks ZERO DUPLICATES Per Order. (11) 9 Pocket Sleeves (Some may be used. or brand new. cannot guarantee.) guaranteed foil cards.
99 Magic The gathering cards 98% Uncommon/Foil (Very few If any Sorcery Enchantment/Land/Instant Cards.) I'll pay the shipping, So I'm not making that much on this deal. all for just the enjoyment of the game.
These packs are a mix of all kinds of magic the gathering cards, hope to do business. and please any questions, I just started to check my messages regularly now. So don't hesitate to ask.

10,000+ Magic the gathering cards MTG C Uc R Foil Legend Legends sleeves card lot's card pocket land rare sorcery enchantment instant artifact gold extreme silver Black Lotus Blk 1 Evergreen keywords 1.1 Deathtouch 1.2 Defender 1.3 Double strike 1.4 Enchant 1.5 Equip 1.6 First strike 1.7 Flash 1.8 Flying 1.9 Haste

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