Very rare #997 Blenko Utility Jar Winslow Anderson 1953

Designed in 1953 by WinslowAnderson for the Blenko Glass Company, this shape named in the vintage catalogs “Utility Jar” was made for 2 years only.

This deceptively simple looking but important design was a direct response by Anderson to the "Kitchen Beautiful" movement wherein everyday utilitarian objects were given extra attention in an effort to make daily life more enjoyable. The design was recognized by the Museum of Modern Art and Merchandise Mart as innovative and beautiful and given the "Good Design" seal of approval.

Coincidentally, the Museum of Modern Art recently hosted an exhibition on the very subject of 20th Century design for the kitchen, showing just how important and precient this 1950’s design trend was.

This design is unusually rare - perhaps a testament to the fact that they were in fact used and in the process often broken. Very few of these are still extant - I have personally seen fewer than five including the two that Winslow kept in his own kitchen in Milton right up until his death the other year.

This hand-blown jar is in excellent condition with the pontil mark visible on the base.

Measures 8.25 inches tall x 5.5 inches diameter.