.999 Silver Buffalos (20 Coin Roll of 1 Ounce Rounds)

Up for Bid I have 20 Uncirculated Silver Bullion Buffalo Rounds (a roll). Each coin is one troy ounce and Frosty Proof Like and dated 2008. The coins will be conveniently shipped in a plastic tube. Silver is a great investment! As the U.S dollar drops in value, silver will skyrocket! Our founding fathers understood that paper money could become worthless. To protect the newly established colonies from a second monetary failure (the Continental Dollar failed) the founding fathers determined that the currency must be based on sound weights and measures. Thomas Jefferson was assigned the responsibility to establish what the new United States coinage should weigh and its purity. Jefferson's recommendations were placed into law with the Coinage Act of 1792. This statute was honored for silver coins from 1792 through 1964 (over 172 years!). In 1965, the U.S. abandoned the coinage standard put in place by our founding fathers. Now t is no restraint on the printing or the coinage of our money. In time our money is in danger of becoming as worthless as the Continental Dollar. Protect yourself by purchasing silver. Silver will always maintain its purchasing power! 3 SILVER dimes purchased a gallon of gas in the 1950s through 1971. Today 3 SILVER dimes will still purchase a gallon of gas! Silver holds its buying power! The more you study the ... read more