.999 Fine Silver Challenger Space Shuttle Coins in case

Just to let everyone know. The dates on the pictures you see is not accurate. I took these pictures on 3/13/2011.

Here is a great chance to own part of Space Shuttle Challengers history.

This is a Rare set of the Space Shuttle Challenger .999 fine silver 10 coin lot missions.

These do have the high ridge on them with the printing, .999 Fine Silver on the outside rim.

Some of the coins have fading around the outside where the case is not sealed the best. The case is also cracked and has tape over the crack. The top of the case also does not have the correct screw in it so there is a bolt through it to hold it tight.

Over all quality of these coins is very fine other then the little blemish on the edges of some.

I am not a professional so please look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

Here is what is in this fine lot.

1- The Maiden Flight-April 4, 1983. STS-6 Landing DFRF April 9, 1983

2- 1st. U.S. Woman In Space-June 18, 1983. STS-7 Landing DFRF June 24, 1983

3- First U.S. Black Man In Space-August 30, 1983. STS-8 First Night Landing DFRF Sept. 5, 1983

4- 41G-Challenger October5, 1984. 1st Crew Of 7 & 1st U.S. Woman Walk, KSC-October 13, 1984

5- 41C-Challenger April6, 1984. First Satellite Repaired In Space, DFRF April
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