99c No Reserve! 1803 Mexico Bust Dollar 8 Reales Silver with over 60 Chopmarks

Offered is this highly collectable & chopmarked Mexico Mint 1803 Bust Dollar Silver 8 Reales. The assayer is F which is Antonio Forcada y Plaza. It was minted during the reign of Charles IV of Spain (1788 to 1808) and says CAROLVS IIII on the obverse. It has circulated widely in the Far East and has over 35 chopmarks on the front and 25 on the back. Thomas Jefferson was in his first term as the United States President when this coin was minted in Mexico City. It was legal tender in the US until just before the Civil War.

This Mexico Bust Dollar is uncleaned and is 39.3 mm in diameter which is slightly larger than a Morgan Dollar that is 38.1 mm diameter. It weighs 26.4 grams. It is not a shipwreck coin, has not been in salt water, and is not bent. This coin would probably grade VG10/Fine by a certification company. These Pillar / Bust coins were first minted in 1772 at the Mexico colonial mint with the new screw press technology...

Spanish coins were the coins of choice by the American Colonies as the people hated the English silver shillings and gold guineas often defacing the king's portrait on the English coins. The Spanish silver reales and Bust Pillar coins of various denominations and the Spanish gold Escudos were highly prized for their accuracy, reliability, and purity. These Spanish coins came into
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