9ct rolled gold bracelet and bangle 41.8 grams

Attractive pair, both marked 1/5 9ct R.G. meaning not gold plated or sprayed on but a layer of 9ct which is a percentage of the total weight of the items. Bracelet has a safety and is 1/4" wide with a weight of 10 grams while the bangle is 5/8" wide and weighs a hefty 31.8 grams, total of 41.8 grams. Bangle needs a tiny safety chain between the loops and silver shine on the edge is from the camera flash, both have fine wear but no dents. I calculated the scrap value at 40 pounds which is $80. ... £4.83 per gram for 9ct divided by 1/5th = 96p x 41.8 grams = £40.12 or about $80 if I got my math right which means if all 9ct gold would have been £200. or $400. and if traditional 18ct gold would be £400 or $800. just for scrap and not the jewellers markup which would bring it into very serious money! I see the reason for R.G. .. rolled gold .. as it wears well, looks real and has value, and while you may cry if lost it could be many times worse!