9x12 Zeiss Ikon Universal Juwel 275/7

This is a 9x12cm Universal Juwel camera made by Zeiss Ikon. The serial number is 99990. As you probably know, it was one of their finest and most expensive cameras. This one sports a very clear and clean f4.5 15cm Tessar lens, mounted in a fully working Compur shutter. The ground glass back is in good shape and all the controls work with silky precision. Cosmetically, the camera shows a little wear, but overall looks very nice. There is a Hugo Meyer rangefinder installed. It works, but it needs calibration because it is not very accurate. Actually, the original distance scale seems to be spot on. The bellows looks good, but it does have some pinholes as you might expect, mainly in the corners. The back revolves and the interchangeable lens mount interchanges, although I only have this one lens. This is a nice example of a great, but uncommon, camera. Get it while you can. Payment by Paypal, shipping $15, US only.