A Frenais Signed French Bronze Silver Centerpiece

A. Frenais Signed French Centerpiece

Very Substantial Important Piece

This was also my grandfather, but sadly, it must go. This piece by Armand Frenais is very ornate, of two piece design. Appears to be bronze, but t also appears to be Silver on both side panels, we really don't know much about it, any info would be great. The hallmark stamped on the bottom is A (then an anchor) and then an F. Next is a "5" then an "0". Under that is A. Frenais. 1. Inside the main piece you can great casting marks and hand made nuts on the bolts that hold on the feet. Great patina all over with minor tarnishing on the sides, the pics should show it. The inner liner slids out and measures approx. 12 x 8 x 3. The centerpiece itself measures 16 x 9 x6.5 inches and weighs 25-30 lbs. Shipping will be 39.50 for USPS Priority with Insurance. Will ship worldwide for actual cost. Please email any question or info. Thanks.