A.I. Root Co Bee Keepers Supplies Pat'd 1907 bee smoker

is an outstanding 1907 Bee smoker manufactured by the A.I. Root Company. The back of the smoker is printed with "Manufactured by the A.I. Root Co. Medina, Ohio USA Bee Keepers Supplies Pat'd 9-22-'03, 9-5-'05, 6-4-'07".
The A.I. Root Company was founded 1869 in Medina, Ohio by Amos Ives Root asa manufacturer of beehives and beekeeping equipment. The company in its heydaywas shipping four railroad freight cars of beekeeping equipment a day. The company later installed printing presses and published the magazine Bee culture and the book "ABC of Bee Culture". The company has since retired its printing presses.

In 1928 the company began a transition into candle making after a local priest made a request for high quality Liturgical candles. The production of beekeeping equipment was reduced and eventually completely phased out.

Amos Ives Root began his career as a jewelry manufacturer and took up beekeeping in his twenties as a hobby. Among his major contributions was a method to harvest honey without destroying the beehive . He became a nationally- and internationally-known expert and a wealthy businessman.

Always enthusiastic about technology, he took great interest in the newly-invented automobile , purchasing an Oldsmobile Runabout in 1903. He held strong Christian beliefs, and wrote about his ideas and observations
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