a keichousaur direactly from quarry+180

brief introduction: the keichousaur is dorsal views (face up) not ventral (belly up),nomally a keichousaur with dorsal views (face up) is more rare than one with ventral (belly up)!
i estimate the weight of the item's parcel is about 1.0kg.
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a Restitute Picture of keichousaur


a keichousaur is a marine reptile in Triassic period of Mesozoic,it is very like a crocodile that is living today,but it is smaller than a crocodile.it lived in about 245-205 million years ago from now,you should know that a dinosaur was living in Jurassic period and Cretaceous period of Mesozoic,and Jurassic period and Cretaceous are follow Triassic period ,the keichousaur was living Triassic period ,but died out before the end of Jurassic period ,when the keichousaur was died out,then
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