A large Shibayama-Style antique cabinet Meiji period

Property from the estate of Sir Victor Sassoon, G.B.E., and lady Sassoon.A Large Shibayama-Style cabinet Meiji period (late 19th century).The tall, wood two-section cabinet set on a wood base with four legs. The upper and lower sections with various sliding doors. Hinged doors and shelves decorated in colored shells. Gold Hiramaki-e, Takamaki-E, and Okibirame, with flower baskets. Geese in shallow water, Chinese children at play, and Bugaku musicians. Some ivory framed with pierced and carved with chrysanthemums and leaves. A face of Chinese lion between two mythical animal faces, and inlaid in colored shell wit chrysanthemum flower heads. The back panel decorated with lacquered fans on a pierced ground. The sides with small and larger panels of flowers, an insect on reeds, and flowers and butterflies. Please contact me for shipping and freight estimate. I will have it professionally packed in Palo Alto, California and shipped to you. I can only get the estimate after it's been crated.