A. Merriam co Piano Stool, Rare, So. Acton Mass. VG

A. Merriam co Piano Stool, Rare, So. Acton Mass. Very good condition. Light surface scratch on seat as shown in picture.
Bottom of stool says: A. Merriam Co. So. Acton Mass., I have been unable to reference this on Google. The chair is without damage except for the light scratch on seat. The metal feet and not rusted and the glass balls are not chipped or cracked.
Shipping weight is 18 pounds. I am not sure if I will ship UPS or Post Office. Send me a zip code and I will give you a shipping price. This stool could cost $40.00 to ship to the west coast.
Please read my return policy.
I went to the PO and shipping priority mail to the west coast will be $40.00 or around $26.00 for normal mail. The shipping will be cheaper for the buyer who lives closer to the east coast.
I gave the stool a bath today as it had a slight smoke smell. May have come from a smoking home. The stool has no damage. Some of the varnish is peeling under the seat.
I don't know too much about the company. In a locally publishedActon History it states the following about the start of the Mill onRiver Street ' In 1878, Cyrus Chadwick leased buildings and began manufacturing Piano Stools. Around 1886 Cyrus Chadwick was joined by Asaph Merriam who moved his manufacturing of Piano Stools to Acton from Meriden Ct. Following a fire in 1895,
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